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Uploading CDs to your Linux PC

Uploading CDs to your Linux PC Using the CD Player Application

Unfortunately, Rhythmbox doesn't allow you to upload your tracks or convert them to digital format, so you'll need to install another application. In this section we will look at using the CD Player application from the Software Centre:

CD Player Installation in Software Centre

Once installed, insert and audio CD; Linux will read the CD and place an icon on the desktop, similar to the following:

Audio CD mounted on the desktop

Right click the “Audio Disc” icon and select “Open with CD Player”:

Option to Open with CD Player

A window similar to the one shown below will open up. You'll notice that you can use CD Player just to play your tracks as well as convert them. A nice touch over Rhythmbox is that it also pulls in the Album Cover automatically:

CD Player Window showing CD Playlist

To upload the tracks onto your hard disc, pause the play and click on the “Extract Tracks” button:

CD Player Extract Tracks Button

A dialogue box will appear asking if you want to extract all tracks or just a subset:

CD Player Extract All or Selected Tracks Dialogue

If you pick “Selected Tracks”, then only those tracks that you have currently selected in the main window will be extracted. If all went well, you should get a dialogue similar to the one below. Check (tick) the “View destination folder” option and click on the “OK” button:

CD Player View Destination Dialogue

A window should open up showing you the extracted track(s):

Extract CD Files in .ogg Format

Note: the OGG format is a compressed, lossless digital audio format, superior to MP3

Uploading CDs to your Linux PC Using Banshee

Uploading CDs is a lot more straightforward if you are using Banshee. When you insert the CD into your computer, you will see an icon show up on the desktop:

Audio CD mounted on the desktop

If Banshee does not automatically open, then right click the icon and choose "Open with Banshee":

Option to Open with Banshee

In Fedora, you will see the following dialogue box display: click the drop-down box and choose "Banshee" to read in the disc:

Fedora CD dialogue box

The new CD entry is listed at the bottom of the left hand navbar: click it to show the CD contents:

CD Listing in the Banshee Main Screen

To upload the CD to Linux, click on the "Import CD" button near the top right of the screen:

Banshee Import CD Button

The CD contents will be read - with a progress bar showing in the bottom left hand corner:

Banshee Importing the CD

Once completed, you can check the import by clicking on the "Music" entry and navigating down to the chosen artist:

Music Imported into Banshee

Note: Banshee will also upload tracks in OGG format and, by default, it will store them under your /home/<user>/Music folder

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