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Uploading DVDs to your Linux PC

Loading DVDs to your Linux PC

Technically, the converting of DVD content to digital format is known as ripping. The software we use for loading DVDs onto our media server is called AcidRip. This is just a bare-bones GUI wrapper around a Linux utility called mencoder (-part of the mplayer suite), but it does make it a lot easier for the majority of people who are not at home calling mencoder directly from the command line (-it has an intimidating list of parameters and options)!

In Ubuntu, AcidRip can be installed from the Software Centre (-just type “acid” into the search box):

AcidRip in the Software Centre

If you use Fedora, you will need to install it directly from the web (-see for details) as it currently is not included in the Fedora Software Centre.

Once installed, AcidRip can be found on Ubuntu under:

AcidRipApplications → Sound & Video → AcidRip DVD Ripper

AcidRip Start Option

On Fedora, AcidRip can be found by searching for the string "acid" in the Activities area:

AcidRip installed on Fedora 15

Once invoked, the following window will display:

AcidRip Main Window

Click on the “Load” button to read the DVD:

AcidRip Main Window

A dialogue box will open up listing the progress of the conversion; this is liable to take some considerable time (-e.g. 10-15 minutes for a 90 minute film on my PC), so sit tight until the dialogue box closes:

AcidRip Main Window

When the conversion completes, check the status in the main AcidRip window:

AcidRip Conversion Status

If there were problems, click on the “Debug” button at the bottom right of the main AcidRip window: this will display a scrollable log, which normally gives a clue to what the actual problem is and often suggests possible workarounds:

AcidRip Debug

To hide the debugging log again, just click on the “Hide” button. If all went well, the file should be present in the location you specified in the “Filename” field:

The default is under /home/<username> so try Places → Home Folder if you did not set the filename explicitly:

AcidRip Debug

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