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Updating a Diagram using OpenOffice

Updating a Diagram using OpenOffice

To read in an existing diagram to edit, from any OpenOffice (-or LibreOffice) module, select:

File → Open

The familiar dialogue box will display. Navigate to the diagram you wish to edit, then then either double-click it – or click once on it then click the “Open” button:

Open Dialogue

The diagram will open in a new window.

Let's suppose that, upon reflection, our original diagram was thought too flippant and we decide to make it a bit more serious. Let's double click on the “Are you mad?” text and overtype it with “Windows Software?”

Open Dialogue

Next, select the “No” line coming out of the same decision box and press the “Delete” key to remove it:

Deleting a connecting line

Remove the line out of the “Install Linux” box in the same way, then select the “Windows Software?” decision box and then use CTRL+C to copy it into the paste buffer and CTRL+V to clone it back to the window:

Cloning a Decision Box

Click drag the clone until it's diagonally opposite the original decision box. Double-click on the cloned box and overtype the text as “Run under WINE?”. Click on the Connector icon on the bottom line and pick the “Connector ends with Arrow”:

Selecting the Connector Tool

Draw a line joining the “Windows Software?” box to the “Run under WINE?” one, then double-click the line and type “Yes” as the label:

Connecting and Labelling the boxes

Click back on the selector (arrow in bottom line of icons), click the “Install Linux” box and use the same CTRL+C / CTRL+V procedure to clone it. Drag the copy directly above the “Run under WINE?” box and double click it to overtype the text with “Install WINE”:

Adding the Install WINE box

Now, click back on the “Connector ends with Arrow” tool and join “Run under WINE?”, “Install WINE” and “Install Linux” together. Add a label to the leg from the decision box, to read “Yes”:

Connecting the Install WINE box

Next, double click on the text of “Seek professional help” and change it to read “Install Windows”. At the same time, remove the line linking this box with the decision box above it.

Finally, use the the “Connector ends with Arrow” tool to join everything up again (-labelling the decision boxes so they all have one “Yes” and one “No” leg). The result should look something like that shown below:

Connecting the the remaining boxes

Before we exit, save your changes using:

File → Save

Saving the Changes

Alternatively, use the CTRL+S shortcut.

Quit the application using:

File → Exit      (-or CTRL+Q)

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