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Configuring Email in Linux

Configuring the Evolution Client

Once you've set up a email account, you can simply log into it via your browser. This, however, is a little tiresome, so most Linux distros normally ship with a default email client: for Ubuntu and Fedora, this is Evolution. To configure Evolution, it's basically a case of starting it up for the first time and following the installation wizard.

To start Evolution under Ubuntu, click on the envelope icon at the top right of the screen and choose “Mail”:

Email Icon

To start Evolution under Fedora, search for the string "evol" in the "Applications" area:

Fedora Application Area Search

You will see the Evolution wizard start up - click "Forward" to continue:

Evolution Wizard Screen One

You may see the following dialogue box, if you are re-installing. This is only of any use if you previously made a backup of your configuration. For new installations, just click "Forward" (-without checking the restore box) to continue:

Evolution Wizard Restore

You will then be asked to enter the email account details that you created in the previous section. When ready, click "Forward" to continue:

Evolution Wizard Enter Email Account

The "Receiving E-mail" dialogue will display:

Evolution Wizard Receiving Email Setup

Type in the following details:

  • Server:

  • Server Type: POP

  • Username: <your email>

  • Use Secure Connection: No encryption

  • Remember Password (checked)

Once entered, click "Forward" to display the second "Receiving Options" dialogue:

Evolution Wizard Receiving Options - Continued

Type in the following details:

  • Check for new messages every: set to how often you want it t check with the mail server)

  • Server Type: POP

  • Leave messages on server: leave unchecked if you want emails to be deleted from the server after downloading into Evolution or leave it checked to retain them

  • Disable support for all POP3 extensions (unchecked)

Once completed, click "Forward" to display the "Sending Options" dialogue:

Evolution Wizard Sending Options

Type in the following details:

  • Server Type: SMTP

  • Server:

  • Server requires authentification: (checked)

  • Use Secure Connection: SSL encryption

Once completed, click "Forward" to display the "Account Management" dialogue:

Evolution Account Management

Set a friendly name for this account to be known as (-this is really only useful if you have multiple accounts you need to check) and click "Forward":

Evolution Wizard Sending Options

The above dialogue will display if all went well.

Problems Sending Email

If you see an error similar to the one shown below when trying to send an email:

Error while performing operation.
MAIL FROM command failed: Must issue a STARTTLS command first (etc)

..then you may need to update the profile to use SSL to talk to the mail server. To do this,start up Evolution and select:

Edit → Preferences

Edit -> Preferences

A dialogue box will open: click on the email account you are using, then click on the “Edit” button:

Edit -> Preferences

A new dialogue box will display: click on the “Sending E-mail” tab:

Sending Email Tab

Make sure that the “Use Secure Connection” field is set to “SSL Encryption”:

Use Secure Connection Field

Click “OK” to close this dialogue box and “OK” again to close the first dialogue box. You should now find yourself back at the main Evolution screen.

To test things, click on your “Outbox” tab:

Outbox Tab

You should see any unsent emails listed in the right hand pane. Now click on the “Send/Receive” button at the top of the screen:

Send/Receive Button

A dialogue box should display listing progress: if all when well, any unsent messages will disappear from your “Outbox”.

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