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Setting up a Free Mail Account

Setting up a Free Mail Account

Before you can start to use email from your Linux PC, you'll need to register with an email service provider: this is no different than for any other operating system (O/S). Luckily, these can be had for free from many different providers. The best one to use is Google Mail (-aka Gmail) as others such as Yahoo don't allow server (SMTP) access for their free accounts.

To create a free Gmail account, go to the Google Mail website (e.g. and click on the “Gmail” link at the top of the screen:

Google Gmail Link

This should take you to a screen similar to the one below:

Create a New Google Gmail Account button

Click on the “Create an account” button – and fill in all the details on the page:

Google Sign Up Screen

Once entered, click on “I accept” to create the account. If all went well,you'll see a screen like the following:

Google Successful Setup

As a double check, you can check your new account by clicking on the “Show me my account” button.

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