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Editing Images

Editing Existing Images with GIMP

To open an image for editing, select the following in the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) window:

File → Open

File Open

Navigate to the file you wish to open and then click "Open". In the example below, I've opened the image we created in the previous section:

Linuceum Image from Previous Section

Layers, Channel, Path window, select the first layer (-it should be the one with the text "linuceum" in it) by left-clicking on it:

Layers Palette

In the same Layers, Channel, Path window, click on the "Add Layer" icon:

Add Layer Icon

Name the layer "I" and click "OK":

Name new Layer

You should now see the new layer listed at the top of the layers palette:

New Layer Listed

Click back in the main canvas window, then use the "+" (zoom in), "-" (zoom out) and the scrollbars to zoom in on the "i" of "Linuceum" to make it easier to select:

Zoom In

Select the "Rectangle Select Tool" tool from the Tool Box:

Rectangle Select Tool

Select the larger part of the "i":

Selected Section

Next, click on the foreground swatch:

Selected Section

Pick a grey colour and click "OK":

Selected Section

Select the "Bucket Fill" tool from the Tool Box:

Bucket Fill Tool

Then click in the selected area on the canvas to fill it with grey:

Canvas Fill

Now let's add a small red circle. Click on the "Paintbrush" tool:

Paintbrush Tool

Click on the foreground swatch and choose a red colour, then change the brush scale to "2.00":

Paintbrush Scale

Back in the main canvas window, left click in the very centre of the grey circle:

Paint a circle

In the Layers palette, click on the "linuceum" (text) layer:

Paint a circle

Select the "Eraser" tool from the Tool Box:

Eraser Tool

In the main canvas window, use the tool to remove the blue dot on top of the "i":

Removing the Dot

In the main canvas window, press the "-" key to zoom out so you can see the whole image again:

Zoom Out

Select the "Crop" tool from the Tool Box:

Crop Tool

Back in the main canvas window, draw a box around the whole image, leaving a small margin around the edge:

Draw a Box Around

Press the "ENTER" key to accept the crop:

Accepting the Crop

Finally, let(s save our image using:

File → Save

Saving the Changes

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