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A Comparison of GIMP Features Verses PhotoShop

What does Adobe PhotoShop offer that GIMP is missing?

OK, so GIMP is free and Adobe PhotoShop Elements costs around £50, so why would you ever choose PhotoShop over GIMP? Well, there are a few omissions from GIMP that we have come across, notably :

  1. Photobooks: the ability to create a finished photobook is missing. This is not a particular problem, as you can create one using other open-source software such as Scribus:

    A Photobook in Scribus

  2. Frames: the ability to create a frame around a photo is missing. GIMP allows you to create a bevel effect around the edges of a photo, but this is very basic compared to what the (later versions) of Adobe PhotoShop Elements provide. However, this is -in our opinion- a bit of a gimmick and it's unlikely you would ever miss it

  3. Drawing Effect: GIMP lacks the ability to turn a photo automatically into a drawing, whereas the later versions of Adobe PhotoShop Elements include this. This is standard fayre in the automatic photo booths you come across in supermarkets and motorway service areas - and a lot of cameras these days have this effect built in - so this is a rather odd omission. If this is an effect you use a lot, then GIMP may not be for you

As you can see, none of the above is critical: it is obvious that, to justify the price and to encourage photographers to keep upgrading, Adobe will always be adding new features to PhotoShop Elements. We fully anticipate that anything that turns out to be genuinely useful is likely to be taken up by the GIMP community over time - although it's likely there will be a time lag.

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