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Transitions in KDEnlive

Adding Transitions in KDEnlive

When you place one clip after another in the Timeline, the transition from one clip to another can sometimes be jarring:

Two Video Tracks in KDEnlive

KDEnlive addresses this by providing Transitions. Unlike Kino, different effects can be applied to each Transition. In order to apply a Transition, you need first to align the two clips in the Timeline, so they overlap:

Two Video Tracks overlapping in KDEnlive

Next, position your mouse pointer over the bottom right corner of the top clip - an animated green triangle should display:

Transition Icon in KDEnlive

If you left-click the green triangle, a Transition will be created covering the period the two tracks overlap (-although this can be stretched or compressed as required):

Transition Created in KDEnlive

By default this is a Dissolve transition, but this can be changed to one of several different types by left-clicking the required Transition and picking the desired transition from the drop-down list in the "Transition" tab:

Transition Types in KDEnlive

Finally, you can preview the effect of the Transition via the Project Monitor:

Dissolve Effect shown in KDEnlive Project Monitor

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