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Our Recommended Podcasts

Finding the Right Podcast for You

There are a lot of people out there creating great audio content you can listen to. The best way to find it is via one of the online audio communities out there, such as MIRO. Additionally, you can also try typing the string "podcast ", followed by your favoured subject (e.g. "history", "linux", "fashion") into a Search Engine and see what is displayed. This article gives a sample of the available content and our personal recommendations for a great listen!


The table that follows give a sample of the available content created by individuals, rather than the media. Our personal recommendations for a great listen include the following:
CategoryTitleRSS FeedDescriptionWebsite
HistoryHardcore History very professional - and thought-provoking - podcast ranges over a wide range of historical topics from antiquity to the (near) present day. Frequency and length vary, so subscription is recommended to avoid missing something. Dan attempts to get us to think about events from the perspective of the people that lived through the events - and uses modern day analogies to illustrate this. Compelling
HistoryThe History of Rome weekly 30 minute podcast tracing the history of the Roman Empire, from foundation to fall - and covering both Eastern and Western empires. Both educational and entertaining, if you have an interest in the classical era, then is essential listening!

Programmes from the Beeb

In our opinion, almost any programme by the BBC is worth listening to -and the majority of it's talk radio output is available from it's Radio 4 podcast site, covering all possible subjects. It is important to note that some of this content may not be accessible from outside the UK, but much of it is. All feeds have a URL that conform to the following format:<Programme>/rss.xml

All are available from the site:

Here is a sample of some of our favourites:
CategoryTitleRSS FeedDescriptionWebsite
Human Interest / World NewsFrom Our Own Correspondent (FOOC) collection of short radio diaries from the BBC foreign correspondents around the world, often covering the human stories behind the news. Thought provoking
ComedyThe News Quiz / The Now Show News Quiz and The Now Show are aired in rotation and are topical / satirical comedy shows that are well worth a listen
History / PhilosophyIn Our Time (IoT) episode of In Our Time takes a single event or idea and tries to unpack it in 45 minutes by discussion with three eminent experts / academics. 100% attention required!
Human Interest / InvestigativeCrossing Continents (CC) Continents blends investigative journalism with the human stories. Unlike FOOC, there is normally one topic per programme and duration in normally 30 minutes

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