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Creating a Chart within a Presentation

Creating a Chart within a Presentation

You can add charts to presentations quite easily. To illustrate this, open up an existing presentation (-such as the one created in the previous section) and add a new slide, then enter the following:

  • Click on “Click to add title” in the right hand pane and type “Linux is fast

  • On the far right, click on the “Title, Chart” Layout as shown below:

Chart Layout

Double click on the chart icon : this will insert a bar chart by default. Now right click over the bar chart and choose “Chart Data Table”:

Chart Data Table Option

This should bring up a window similar to the following. In the “Categories” column:

  • Overtype “Row1” with “Windows”

  • Overtype “Row2” with “Ubuntu”

  • Overtype “Row1” with “Fedora”

  • Overtype “Row1” with “Puppy”

Enter Data into Data Table Matrix

Now, click on any of the values in the second column (-in the example, we clicked on “9.02”) and then click on the “Delete Series” icon (-red vertical line):

Delete Series Icon

This should delete all but the first column. Now overtype the values in the remaining column as 2, 10, 10 and 10:

Entering the values in the first column

Finally, click on the “X” icon to close the dialogue box. The result should be fairly unexciting so far:

Basic Bar Chart

Next, let's add a title by right clicking anywhere outside the bar chart area, then choosing “Insert Titles...”:

Insert Titles

In the dialogue box that displays, fill in the details as below:

Adding Title Text

The result should look like the screenshot below:

Bar chart with Titles

Next, let's remove that annoying legend/key at the right hand side. Again, right click anywhere outside the bar chart area but this time, choose “Delete Legend”:

Delete Legend Option

This should remove the legend:

Bar Chart without a Legend

Finally, this data does not really suit a bar graph: let's instead display it as a pie chart. Right click inside the chart area and choose “Chart Type...”:

Chart Type Option

A new dialogue will display. On the left, click on “Pie”, then click on the second icon (“Exploded Pie Chart”):

Exploded Pie Chart Type Option

Click the “OK” button to apply the change.

This now looks good, but we can't tell which colour is which! It seems like we need to re-instate the legend/key, so right click the graph and choose “Insert Legend”:

Insert Legend Option

This should now display the legend to the right of the pie chart:

Legend Created

It would also be nice to see the data values, so right click on any of the pie segments and choose “Insert Data Labels”:

Insert Data Labels Option

However, the values come as as small and difficult to read.

Labels Added (Small)

To correct this, double click any of the values and a dialogue box will appear.

Whilst we are in this box, let's change the value shown to a percentage (-more fitting for a pie chart) by checking (ticking) the “Show value as percentage” and unchecking “Show value as a number”:

Text Options Dialogue

Next, click on the “Font” tab. Change the font size to “14” and the typeface to “Bold”:

Text Font Tab

Click “OK” to apply the changes:

Apply Textual Changes

Finally, let's reformat the title, to make it stand out. Right click on the title and choose “Format Title”:

Format Title Option

A dialogue box will display: click on the “Font” tab, then change the font size to 18 and the typeface to bold:

Changing Text Attributes

Click “OK” to apply your changes. The final slide should look as follows:

Final Slide Display

Type CTRL+S to save your changes, then exit OpenOffice using:

File → Exit (-or CTRL+Q)

Note: the exit function will quit all OpenOffice windows, not just the current (presentation module) one

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