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Updating a Presentation using OpenOffice

Updating a Presentation using OpenOffice

Now we have successfully created a basic set of slides, let's re-open and complete them. You can either double click on the icon of the file you wish to open (-using the Places menu to navigate to the correct location) or you can start the Presentation module from:

Applications → Office → Presentation:

Running the Presentation module from Gnome

If you are using Ubuntu 11.04 or above, then you should click on the LibreOffice Impress icon instead:

Running the Presentation module from Unity

Once started, the presentation wizard will begin: select the “Open existing presentation” option and highlight the file (-if shown) or use the “Open” button navigate to the file to open, before clicking on the “Open” button:

Opening a File

Your file should be re-opened and displayed. Click on the thumbnail of the slide you wish to change (-in the previous section, we had created three slides). To add a new slide, right click over the slide that you wish to add the slide after and choose “New Slide” to add a new slide:

New Slide Button

Type CTRL+S to save your changes, then exit OpenOffice using:

File → Exit (-or CTRL+Q)

Note: the exit function will quit all OpenOffice windows, not just the current (presentation module) one

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