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Creating a Document using OpenOffice

Creating a Document using OpenOffice

If you need to create a document or letter, the application you need to use is the Word Processor. On Ubuntu 10.x and below, this sits under the menu:

Applications → Office → Word Processor:

Word Processor Menu

For Ubuntu Unity users, just click the LibreOffice Writer icon in the Launcher:

Unity Launcher LibreOffice Writer Icon

For Fedora users, search for "libre" in the Applications area:

Fedora Applications Area

This should bring up a blank Word Processing document window that should look familiar to most MicroSoft Office users ..

This should bring up a blank Word Processing document window that should look familiar to most MicroSoft Office users. At the top is the familiar list of menus (File, Edit, View, etc), under which is a user-configurable list of shortcut icons (-all of which can be reached via a menu option if desired), including the current style,font and text size:

Word Processor Main Screen

You can then just start typing! As an example, let's create a simple document.Firstly, let's add the title by selecting the style “Heading 1”:

Word Proc - Add Title

Type the text “This is an Example Document” and press the ENTER key:

Word Proc - Enter Heading Text

Next, select style “Heading 3” and type “Introduction to Open Office”, then press ENTER:

Word Proc - Change Style Heading

Next, select the style “Text Body”:

Word Proc - Change Style Body

Type the following:

“The OpenOffice word processor is a great way to create text,documents and letters. It is very similar in look and feel to the MicroSoft alternatives and so is very intuitive for experienced PC users to use.”

Hit ENTER again and type:

“The OpenOffice suite comprises a word processor,spreadsheet, drawing and presentation applications and is an essential tool for any Linux user.”

Press ENTER one last time; your text should look as follows:

Word Proc - Add Text

Now, select style “Heading 3” again and type:

“The Advantages of Open Office”

Hit ENTER; notice how the style will automatically change back to “Text Body”. Type in the following text:

“The OpenOffice suite is supplied free under an LGPL licence and can be installed on as many computers as you wish and used for any purpose”:

Hopefully, your text will now look something like the example below:

Word Proc - Add Extra Text

Now, let's save the document using:

File → Save As

Word Proc - Save File

Type in the name you want to give the file, in the dialogue box that displays (e.g. myExample) and click on the “Save” button:

Word Proc - Save Dialogue

The dialogue box will close and the new filename (it will be given an .odt file extension by default) will be displayed in the title bar at the top:

Word Proc - Title Bar Filename

Finally, close the document using:

File → Close

Word Proc - Close Menu

The document window will close.

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