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Editing a Document using OpenOffice

Editing a Document using OpenOffice

Let's re-open the file we created in the previous article and apply some formatting. Open the file using:

File → Open

Word Processor File Open

In the dialogue box that displays, select the file that we saved earlier then click on the “Open” button (-alternatively, just double click on the file that you wish to open):

Word Processor File Open

Now, let's add a little formatting:

  • Go back to the first paragraph and double click the word “Microsoft” to highlight it
  • Once it shows as highlighted, press CTRL+B to change it to a bold typeface
  • Next, double click on “LGPL” in the final paragraph and press CTRL+I to change it to italics

Hopefully, your text should now look as follows:

Word Processor Italicise Text

Next, let's add a header. To to this, select:

Insert → Header → Default

Word Processor Insert Header

Notice that a line will open up at the top of the screen – and the style will be set to “Header”. Type in the text “My Example Document” :

Word Processor Header Text

Next, click the “Centre Justified” icon (Word Processor Centre Justified) to centre the text, then click anywhere in the main text to come out of the header. Finally, let's add a footer by choosing:

Insert → Footer → Default

Word Processor Insert Footer

Type the text “(C) “. Note how OpenOffice will automatically change this to the copyright sign. Now choose the option:

Insert → Fields → Author

Word Processor Insert Author

This will insert the name of the account under which you are running into the document. Take some time to look through the available fields so you know what is available. In our case, the resulting footer text is:

Word Processor Save Menu

Press the "Tab" key twice, then type the text “Page “. Finally, insert a second field, for the page number using:

Word Processor Insert Page Number

The final footer text should something like the following:

Word Processor Footer Text

The completed document should look something like that shown below:

Word Processor Completed Document

Save the final document, using:

File → Save

Word Processor Save Menu

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