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Keeping Appointments

Keeping track of your Appointments with Evolution

Most of us have meetings and appointments that we need to keep; however, not many of us can remember all of these with 100% accuracy! Luckily, Evolution gives you a way to track these, just like the Calendar in Microsoft Outlook.

You can create an appointment in Evolution by clicking on the "Calendar" icon (Calendar Icon) in the main window. The calendar pane will display:

Evolution Calendar Panel

Right click over the time of your appointment and choose the type of event you want to set up (-in this case, we just want a regular appointment):

New Appointment Option

A dialogue box will open up, allowing you to specify various things about your appointment (-similar to the Task dialogue). Once you have entered the information, you can optionally click on the stopwatch icon to set a reminder to pop up prior to the event:

New Appointment Option

A new dialogue box will open: click the down arrow of the "Alarm" drop down box and choose "Customise":

Alarm Drop Down

Click the "Add" button to create a new custom alarm:

Add Trigger

Another dialogue box will open: enter the time that you want the alarm to first pop up - along with any repeat alarms you desire:

Enter Alarm Time

You can also choose to enter a custom message to be displayed when the alarm is displayed, by checking the "Custom Message" box:

Custom Message Box

Once everything is set up as you wish, click on the "Save" icon:

Save Icon

You should now see the appointment displayed in the main Calendar window:

Appointment Added

When the alarm time entered is reached, you should see a reminder pop up on your desktop:

Save Icon

If you click on the alerts icon in the taskbar, you can edit or dismiss the reminder:

Task Opened

Changing your Calendar Defaults in Evolution

You can change the way tasks are displayed, alerted and the default settings via:

Edit → Preferences

Edit Preferences Option

Once open, click on the "Calendar and Tasks" icon to display the tabs available for Alarms and Calendar setup:

Edit Preferences Dialogue

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