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The Best Linux Applications for your PC!

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The guide comprises numerous step-by-step guides to installing and using the best Linux applications available for your PC! The left hand pane displays topics covering common PC tasks, which can then be expanded to view articles within each topic.

Like most things Linux, almost all software available for Linux is offered under a GNU open-source licence, meaning it is free to download and use on as many PCs as you like!

The guide is intended for users new to computers and Linux. As a result, we have endeavoured to keep the articles short and simple if at all possible - and provide links to other sites if more detail is required. We aim to show how to achieve all the things a typical desktop user will want to do, normally via step by step screenshots where possible.

We hope this guide shows that it's perfectly possible to run all your daily tasks from a machine running solely Linux and that it encourages more people to investigate Linux further and start using it at home!

Browse our list of application topics if you cannot find what you are looking for!

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