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Introduction to Desktop Publishing (DTP)

What is Desktop Publishing?

The term Desktop Publishing (-or DTP for short) covers a broad range of activities. In it's widest sense, it can mean anything concerned with creating a printed document on a desktop PC.

Desktop Publishing [is] anything where you need precise control over the position of text and/or graphics on the printed page

However, most simple documents can be handled by a Word Processor and do not require the more advanced facilities of a dedicated DTP application and so we normally refer to Desktop Publishing as anything where you need precise control of the position of text and/or graphics on the printed page. Typical DTP candidates include:

  • Books containing diagrams
  • Newsletters
  • Advertising Flyers
  • Leaflets
  • Anything that requires multi-column output

One of the most popular desktop publishing applications for Linux is called Scribus. Scribus is a fairly intuitive way of creating professional-looking documents quickly and is available via the Software Centre of most Linux distros.

Installing Scribus

To install Scribus, open up your Software Centre and search for the string "scribus":

Scribus in the Fedora Software Centre

Once installed, you can start Scribus by searching for it in your installed applications list and clicking on it's icon :

Scribus Icon

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