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Tracking Tasks with Evolution

Keeping track of your Tasks with Evolution

If you like to be organised and to keep track of the tasks that you need to complete, then Linux allows you to do this in many different ways using various applications. In this section we'll cover Evolution.

You can create a task in Evolution by clicking on the "Tasks" icon (Tasks Icon) in the main window. The task pane will display:

Evolution Task Pane

Type in the name or a short description of your task, then press ENTER:

Entering a New Task in Evolution

The task will then move down to the lower pane of the screen:

New Task listed in Evolution

Double click the newly created task and a dialogue box will open up; type in all the information you wish to store about the task. If you would like to assign one or more categories to your task, click:

View → Categories

Check (tick) the categories you wish to assign to this task and then click "OK":

Assign Categories to the Task

To add details about the progress of you task, select:

Options → Status Details

Options - Status Details Menu

A dialogue box will display where you can enter details like the current state of the task, the percentage completed, priority, etc; click "OK" once completed:

Entering Task Details

When you have entered all the data you require, click on the save icon in the top left of the dialogue:

Save Icon

The dialogue box will close and a summary of the selected task is now shown in the bottom pane:

Task Summary

Continue adding tasks in the manner described above until you have all your tasks entered.

Changing your Task Defaults in Evolution

You can change the way tasks are displayed, alerted and the default settings via:

Edit → Preferences

Once open, click on the "Calendar and Tasks" icon to display the tabs available for Tasks and Calendar setup:

General Tab

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