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Third Person Shooter Games on Linux

What is a Third Person Shooter Game?

A Third Person Shooter game is one where the main aim of the game is to shoot or destroy the opposition (-which will either be controlled by other, online, players or by the software itself). It differs from a First Person Shooter only in that you are looking down on the character you control (-i.e. you can see your avatar on-screen) rather than viewing from the perspective of the avatar itself (-as if you are viewing from their eyes).

In this section, we will give you a flavour of the Third Person Shooter games currently available for Linux computers. We will concentrate on the ones that are available for free, although we may add some of the commercial ones, to give you an idea of what it possible, should you be minded to splash the cash!

CounterStrike 2D

In CounterStrike, from Unreal Software, you join one of two teams: you are either a terrorist trying to plant bombs and kill VIPs, or a counter-terrorist trying to stop them and rescue any hostages. You are playing against other online users, so you will need a decent internet connection. There are several different types of mission you can join and you get money for completing tasks and killing members of the opposing team, which you can then redeem for extra equipment at the start of the next round.

You are shown as looking down on your character, in 2 dimensions. You negotiate your way around the streets (maze) using the keyboard keys (w=Up, z=Down, a=left, s=right) and rotate your character (view) using the mouse. The left mouse button is used to fire and the mouse wheel to change weapons.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the CS2D Client for Linux to a local directory
  2. Download the Windows Zip Archive to the same local directory
  3. From the Command Line, set the permissions for CounterStrike2D as executable (chmod +x CounterStrike2D)
  4. Run the CounterStrike2D file by double-clicking the icon or from the Command Line (./CounterStrike2D)

CounterStrike 2D Screenshot

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