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Managing Applications in Linux Mint

 How to Install an Application under Linux Mint LXDE 10

Installing Applications from the Mint Software Manager

In Mint, things are very similar to Ubuntu - which is not surprising, given their common roots. You can find the "Software Manager" option under the Mint Main Menu:

Mint Software Manager Option

A dialogue box will open up containing a list of application categories, which you can just browse through:

Mint Software Manager - Application Categories

Alternatively - if you know the name of the application you want - just type it into the search window and press the "ENTER" key. If the application is found, the matching package(s) will be listed in the dialogue:

Mint Software Manager - List of Matching Applications

If you click on each module in this pane, details of that module will be displayed in the two panes underneath it: often this will include hyperlinks to the module's home page (-which will provide additional information) and reviews/ratings by other users:

Mint Software Manager - Application Information

If you decide you want the application, then just click on the "Install" button. You will be prompted to enter the administrator (-or root) password to verify the action:

Mint Software Manager - Authorizing the Installation

Once the password is entered, the installation will begin - and a progress bar is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the dialogue box:

Mint Software Manager - Installing an Application

Note: if any additional modules are required by the application you have chosen, you will be prompted to install them now

Once completed, the progress bar will disappear and will show "0 ongoing actions":

Mint Software Manager - Actions Completed

Once the module is installed, the application will be available via the Mint Main Menu:

The Installed Application in the Mint Main Menu

Removing Installed Applications in Mint

If you want to remove a previously installed application, you can do this in the Mint Software Manager by locating the application and simply clicking the "Remove" button.

Note: if the application depends on any other modules that are not used by other applications, you will be prompted to confirm their removal as well

You will see a progress bar as the selected application is removed.

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