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Installing Applications in TinyCore

Installing Applications in TinyCore

If you are using TinyCore, you need to install your applications using the App Browser. This can be invoked by clicking on the icon that looks like a set of cogs in the main TinyCore toolbar:

TinyCore Toolbar showing App Browser Icon

This will open up a dialogue box such as that shown below:

App Browser Dialogue

Clicking the Connect button will read the list of all available packages from the internet repository and display them as a list in the left hand pane. Scroll down (-or use the Search box in the top right) and click on the package that you wish to install: details of that package will then be displayed in the right hand pane, so you can decide if you want to install this package or not:

List of available packages

Select the desired boot option from the drop-down box in the bottom left:

  • OnBoot : install so that the application is run automatically following boot
  • OnDemand : install so that the application is run only when the user manually invokes it
  • Download + Run : install the application and run it once installed
  • Download Only : download the package, but do not install it

Once the correct option is selected - simply click the "Go" button and the download/install will begin. The progress will be shown in the Status field; once completed, this will show "OK" and the new application's icon will be adding to the end of the toolbar:

Install Complete

You can now invoke the new application by clicking on it's icon in the toolbar:

New App Icon

The application should then start:

New App Invoked

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