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Useful Linux Applications

Useful Linux Applications

One of the most attractive things about Linux is the number of free applications available on the Web. This section lists a very small sample of the sort of applications available to run under Linux (-mostly free), just to give you a taste of what's available. How to install and use most of these packages are covered in the remaining chapters of this Desktop Guide:

Note: many of these applications are also available under Microsoft Windows, so you can test drive them before deciding to make the leap to Linux!

One of the most attractive things about Linux is the number of free applications available ..

AreaNameDescriptionWindows EquivalentUbuntuFedoraMintPuppySimply
AudioAudacityEdit music / audio tracks SCSCSCQP  
 BansheeListen to music, radio and podcasts and upload (rip) audio CDsWindows Media PlayerIN (11.04), SC (10.x)SCSC   
 CD PlayerListen to and upload (rip) audio CDsWindows Media PlayerSCWB    
 Gnome MPlayerListen to/watch MP3 audio and MP4 video filesWindows Media PlayerSCWBINPM IN
 RhythmBoxListen to music, radio and podcastsWindows Media PlayerSC (11.04), IN (10.x)INSC   
 Sound JuicerListen to and upload (rip) audio CDs SCINSC   
CommunicationPidginInstant messenger / chat clientMSN MessengerSCWBINQP  
 EmpathyInstant messenger / chat clientMSN MessengerININSC   
 GwibberSocial media (Facebook/Twitter/Buzz/etc) client INSCSC   
 EvolutionEmail clientOutlookININSC   
 ThunderbirdEmail clientOutlookSCSCINQP  
GamesAlien Arena, Tremulous, Urban TerrorOnline multiplayer first person shoot'em'ups SC/WBWBSC/WB   
 TORCS, Q3Rally, SuperTuxKart, Extreme Tux RacerDriving games and simulators WBWBWB   
 FlightGear, X-Plane, openBVEFlight and Train simulatorsMS Flight SimulatorWBWBWB   
InternetChromiumInternet browserInternet ExplorerSCWBSCQP  
 FirefoxInternet browserInternet ExplorerINININQPIN 
FinanceGnuCashPersonal Finance ManagerQuicken, MS MoneySCSCSC   
OfficeOpenOffice Word Processor Module / LibreOffice WriterCreate and edit letter and documents (LibreOffice in 11.04 and above)MS OfficeINSCINQPININ
 OpenOffice Spreadsheet Module / LibreOffice CalcCreate and edit spreadsheets and charts (LibreOffice in 11.04 and above)MS ExcelINSCINQPININ
 OpenOffice Presentation Module / LibreOffice ImpressCreate and edit slides and presentations (LibreOffice in 11.04 and above)MS PowerpointINSCSCQPIN 
 OpenOffice Drawing Module / LibreOffice DrawCreate and edit line drawings and shapes (LibreOffice in 11.04 and above)MS VisioINSCINQPIN 
 EvolutionKeeping track of Tasks, scheduling tasks and emailMS OutlookINSCSC   
 TomBoyKeeping track of TasksMS OutlookSCSCSC   
 ScribusDesktop Publisher SCSCSCPPM or WB  
 FreemindMind Mapping Tool SCSCSC  
Photography / GraphicsGIMPCreate and Edit images and photosAdobe PhotoShop ElementsSCSCINQP  
 UFRawCreate and Tweak Camera Raw imagesAdobe Camera RawSCSCSCWB  
 ShotwellDisplay and manage your photo libraryAdobe PhotoShop ElementsSCINSC   
UtilitymySQL AdministratorGUI application for administering mySQL databasesMS SQL ServerSCSCSCPM  
 BraseroUtility for burning CDs, DVDs, boot images, USB Sticks SCSCSCWB  
 Deja DupUtility for Backing up your Data SCINSC   
VideoAcidRipUpload (rip) DVDs to your computer SCWBSC   
 CheeseSimple webcam booth SCINSC  IN
 Cinelerra (Lumiera)Professional video editorAdobe After Effects, Sony VegasWBWBWBQP  
 FFMPEGUtility to record or convert to MPEG format ININSCPM IN
 KDEnliveProfessional video editorAdobe After Effects, Sony VegasWBCLSC IN 
 KinoEdit video footage SCCLSCWB  
 SkypeVideo calling / conferencing clientSkypeSCWBSCQP or WB  
 Total Movie Player (totem)Watch DVDsWindows Media PlayerININSC   
 VLCStream DVDs / Digital MediaWindows Media PlayerSCSCSC   
WindowsWINEWindows emulator: allows you to run Windows software under LinuxN/ASCSCSCQP  


Note: you can find a much more extensive list of which Linux Applications map to which Windows or Mac applications at

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