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Managing Meetings

Scheduling Meetings with Evolution

Most of us have to attend meetings: it seems to be a fact of business life that meetings seem to take up more and more of our available time, so it's just as well that Evolution gives us the means to schedule meetings with one or more other people using the Calendar facility. Again, anyone familiar with Microsoft Outlook will be right at home with the equivalent module in Evolution.

You can create an meeting (-just as you would an Appointment) in Evolution by clicking on the "Calendar" icon (Evolution Calendar Button) in the main window. The calendar pane will display:

Evolution Calendar Panel

Right click over the time you want your meeting to be and choose the type of event you want to set up (-in this case, we want a meeting):

Evolution : New Meeting

A dialogue box will open up, allowing you to enter data about your proposed meeting:

Evolution : add Meeting Dialogue

Click on the "Add" button to add a new attendee, then enter their email address:

Evolution : Add Button

Use the "Add" button to add as many attendees as you need, then enter the rest of the meeting information. Once complete, click the Schedule icon to set an alarm (-if required) and then click the "Save" icon:

Evolution : Adding Attendees

Evolution will ask you if you wish to send the invite to the meeting attendees - click "Send" (-you'd only use the other option if you'd edited the task in a way that meant the attendees didn't need to know about):

Evolution : Sending Invites to the Meeting

Checking Attendee Availability with Evolution

If your attendees are all using the Evolution calendar, then it's good practice to check for a time when they are all free before sending the meeting invite. Evolution allows you to do this in the meeting window by clicking on the Query Free / Busy icon (Query Free / Busy Icon). A new dialogue will display showing the calendars of your attendees:

Evolution :Attendee Calendar

Note: unfortunately, in the example above, none of my invitees are online!

The meeting time will be shown by default, but you can browse through their calendars, looking for a time when they are all free to attend.

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