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Purchasing MP3 Music from Amazon

Purchasing Music from Amazon with Banshee

If you have Banshee installed (-and it is bundled as standard with Ubuntu 11.4 onwards, although it can be installed from the Software Centre for other distros, then purchasing from Amazon is just as easy as from Ubuntu One.

To see what Amazon have to offer, simply click on the "Amazon MP3 Store" link under the "Online Media" heading. The Amazon homepage will be displayed in the right hand pane:

Search for what you want to buy and, once you've decided on your purchase, just click the "Buy with One-Click" button:

You will then be asked to logon to your account (-assuming you haven't opted to stay logged in all the time) and choose how to pay in the normal way when purchasing from Amazon. Once you have confirmed the purchase, the download will begin in your browser. A progress bar will be shown in the bottom left of Banshee window:

Amazon order confirmation and download progress

Once completed, check your music library now (-by clicking "Music" in the left hand navbar and navigating to the artist/album you purchased), you should see the new purchase listed (-here, it is an entire album - "Go West"):

Banshee Music Folders displaying Purchased Album

This is a nice bit of integration and takes a lot of the hassle out of buying digital media.

Purchasing Music in MP3 Format from Amazon (-without Banshee)

If you don't want to use Banshee then there is another way to buy from It is pretty much the same process, but you have to do all the mousework to make it happen!

To use Amazon, simply go to their website (e.g. for the UK) and search for music in the “MP3 Downloads” category (-click the “GO” button to begin the search):

Amazon Search Bar

The album will display -and you can play samples to see what you think before buying it. Before you buy an album for the first time, you'll need to click on the “Amazon MP3 Downloader” icon to download their app:

Amazon Download Tool Button

Click on the link for the Linux distro you use to download the application:

Amazon Download Tool Linux Distros Supported

Choose to open the downloaded file from your Software Centre:

Open Amazon Download Tool with the Software Centre

Problems installing the Amazon Downloader

The Amazon application should install. If you see the following message:

Wrong architecture 'i386'

..then you are running a 64-bit version of Linux which Amazon do not currently support:

Amazon Download Tool Error : Wrong Architecture

This means that you cannot download whole albums from Amazon - just individual tracks (-which can be pricey). To purchase individual tracks (-or albums, come to that), simply add them to your shopping cart and go through the checkout as you would for a normal purchase. Alternatively, try installing Clamz instead - see below.

Note: when buying MP3 albums from Amazon always check the physical CD price first, as this may well be cheaper.

Another common error is the following:

Dependency is not satisfiable: <library dependency>

Amazon Download Tool Error : Wrong Architecture

The solution is to install the Clamz application in place of the Amazon downloader (-they are interchangeable), which can be found in the Ubuntu Software Centre:

Clamz tool in the Software Centre

Performing a Test Download from Amazon

Once installed, you will need to register with Amazon that you are using the downloader by pasting the following URL into a browser window:

Register Amazon Download tool installation

If you are in the US or Canada, you can then test it out by downloading a free track:

Amazon downloading a free track (US and Canada)

If you are outside the US or Canada, you will have to go into your local Amazon store, find a free (-or cheap) download and add it to your shopping cart (-here I used their "1-click" facility to save on checkout time):

Downloading a free track (outside US and Canada)

If all went well, your browser should have downloaded a .amz file. Click on this and "Open" it:

Free track downloaded (outside US and Canada)

A terminal window will open up and begin downloading the MP3 file:

Terminal Window downloading a track

Once completed, you should see the files created in your default music directory. For Ubuntu, this will be under your /home/<user>/Music folder:

Downloaded track in the File Manager

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