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Uploading Photos

 Video of how to upload photos to Linux

Uploading Photos from a Digital Camera

Note: you can view a demonstration of how to upload photos to Linux in our Video Section

Uploading images from your digital camera with Linux is easy: no additional software is required. All you need to do is plug in your camera to a free USB port (-using the cable that came with your camera), switch on the camera and Linux will recognise it:

Camera Attached

There are several ways to import the photos - depending upon your personal taste. Click the down arrow on the drop down box to see them:

Open with Shotwell

If these are images you don't want to store in your main photo library, you can just select "Open Folder" and access your camera as if it were an external disc drive. Just drag and drop the ones you want to your hard drive:

Open with File Manager

If you are using Shotwell, then the default option is probably the best option. Shotwell will open:

Shotwell Window

Select the photos you wish to import by:

  • Select a range by clicking on the first photo, then holding down the SHIFT key and clicking on the last photo required
  • Select multiple photo by clicking on the first photo, then holding down the CTRL key and clicking on the multiple additional photos

Photos selected in Shotwell

Click on the "Import Selected" button and the selected photos will be uploaded from the camera. You will then be asked if you wish the photos to remain on the camera or if you wish them to be deleted:

Delete Seleted Photos from the Camera after Import

If all went well, your new photos should show up in the viewer:

Photos listed within Shotwell

Note: the image files will be stored in a sub folder (-according to the date they were taken) under /home/<user>/Pictures

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