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Using Sound Juicer to Upload CDs to your Linux PC

Uploading CDs to your Linux PC using the Sound Juicer Application

Fedora 15 ships with an application called Sound Juicer as standard which is very similar in operation to CD Player. Simply insert the CD to upload into the drive: Fedora will recognise it as an audio CD and pop up a dialogue box to ask you which application you wish to use to open it: pick "Audio CD Extractor" and click on the "OK" button:

CD mounted on the Fedora desktop

Sound Juicer will start, read the audio CD and try to recognise it: if it can't, it will ask you to manually identify it:

CD identification in Sound Juicer

Before begin the upload, you may want to check the defaults by selecting the following option:

Edit → Preferences:

Extraction Option Preferences in Sound Juicer

Here, you can change exactly how you want your music to be uploaded (-and where):

Extraction Preferences in Sound Juicer

If you only want to extract a subset of tracks (-the default is to extract them all), remove the unwanted track(s) by clicking in the selection box to the left of the track name:

Selecting Tracks in Sound Juicer

To begin the upload, choose the following option:

Disc → Extract:

Extract Option in Sound Juicer

Whilst Sound Juicer is uploading the tracks, you will see a progress bar and the track currently being extracted will be highlighted, so you can visually see the progress:

CD extracting in Sound Juicer

When the upload completes, the progress bar will just disappear:

CD extraction complete in Sound Juicer

To exit Sound Juicer, select:

Disc → Quit:

Quittig Sound Juicer

Check in your file manager that the tracks selected have been successfully extracted:

Option to Open with CD Player

Note: the OGG format is a compressed, lossless digital audio format, superior to MP3

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