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Tracking Tasks with Tomboy

Using Tomboy to keep track of your Tasks

If you like to be organised and to keep track of the tasks that you need to complete, then Linux allows you to do this in many different ways using various applications. In this section we'll cover Tomboy.

Ubuntu Linux ships with a simple utility called Tomboy which allows you to create electronic post-it notes that can be linked together and displayed on the desktop. An alternative application would be Getting Things Gnome. To launch Tomboy in Ubuntu 10.10 and below use the following:

Applications → Accessories → Tomboy Notes

Accessing Tomboy from Gnome

If you are using Ubuntu 11.04, you can search for "Tomboy" via the Ubuntu icon in the top left hand corner of the Unity desktop:

Accessing Tomboy from Gnome

The main Tomboy screen will display:

Main TomBoy Screen

To create a new category (-known as a Notebook in Tomboy), select:

File → Notebook → New Notebook..

New Notebook

In the dialogue box that displays, enter the name of the workbook (-here it's "Linuceum"), then click the "Create" button:

TomBoy Name Workbook

To create a sub-task in this workbook, select:

File → New (-or CTRL+N)

TomBoy Create Sub Task

Enter the text for the sub-task (-just click the "x" close window icon to save it):

Enter the Sub-Task

You should then see the task listed under "All Notes":

Sub-Task Listed

Create some more tasks and add detail. If you want to link to an other note (-i.e. sub-task), just type in the name of the task, highlight it, and click on the "Link" icon:

Link Item Button

A dialogue for the new task will open up: type in the text and close the dialogue box once complete:

New Task Dialogue

A dialogue for the new task will open up: type in the text and close the dialogue box once complete. If you click each entry in Tomboy they should display, showing the links to other notes as hyperlink:

New Task Dialogue

If you want to group your tasks together in a workbook, simply select them, then drag and drop them on the desired workbook (-e.g. the "Linuceum" entry in the example below):

Adding Tasks to a Workbook

Synchronzing Tomboy Tasks across Multiple Devices

Tomboy allows you to upload your notes/tasks to your Ubuntu One account, so they can be accessed from anywhere, when you are away from your PC. To enable this feature, choose:

Edit → Preferences

Edit Preferences

Choose Ubuntu One as the "Service and then click "Save":

Saving to Ubuntu One

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