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Adding Skype Contacts and Making Calls

Adding Skype Contacts and Making Calls

To add a contact whilst in Skypeclick on the following icon (-at the bottom of the Skype window:

Skype Add Contact Icon

A dialogue box will open up, allowing you to search for contacts in various different ways. Fill in as much information as you can, then click on the “Search” button:

Skype Add Contact Dialogue

If a match is found, then it will be displayed in a results window. Click on the contact you wish to add and click the “Add Contact” button. Yet another dialogue box will appear allowing you to request your contact allow you to contact them via Skype.

Note: until the contact accepts your connection, you won't be able to call them (-unless they have enabled unsolicited calls, that it).Once the contact “accepts you”, you can just click on the green phone next to their name to initiate a call to them:

Skype Window Showing new Contact

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