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Running Skype for the first Time

Running Skype for the first Time

The first time you run Skypeyou'll be asked to create a new Skype account: this is straightforward and free. Start by running the Skype client from:

Applications → Internet → Skype

Skype Run Menu

In Fedora, you can find the Skype client by searching for the string "sky" in the Activities area:

Skype Run from Fedora

Once you enter the Skype information, click “OK” to start the registration process, which may take a minute or two :

Create Skype Account Wizard

If all went well, you should see something like the following:

Create Skype Account Successful

Click any of the options listed to customise your Skype experience. Once done, click on the close button.

In Ubuntu, when you are connected to Skypeyou'll see the Skype icon (-green bubble with a tick/check mark in it) in the top left of your screen:

Skype Icon in Gnome Top Panel

If you click on this icon, it will bring up the normal Skypedialogue box where you can configure the system, add new devices, make calls, etc:

Skype Client Window

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