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Testing your Skype Audio Configuration

Testing your Skype Audio Configuration

The Skype client helpfully includes a test facility that you can use to test your setup before you try to make any calls.

Skype Test Call Icon

To use it, click on the green phone icon (Skype Phone Icon) in the “Skype Test Call” section: a window will open and you should here a recorded message asking you to leave a test message:

Skype Test Call in Progress

When you hear the “bing” prompt, record a test message (it normally gives you about 10 seconds). After the second bing, Skype will attempt to play back what your recorded: if you can hear yourself talking, then you are set up correctly, if not – then there is something wrong.

Left click on the speaker icon on the right of your Gnome top panel and choose “Sound Preferences...”:

Ubuntu Sound Preferences

A dialogue box will open: click on the “Hardware” tab and check the device you wish to use as your microphone for Skype calls is listed correctly:

Ubuntu Hardware Device Tab Preferences

Next, click the “Input” tab and select the device you wish to use for voice input. A nice feature here, it that, if you talk now, the “Input Level” field will tell you exactly the level of input it's receiving; if you don't see the level meter registering anything, then your microphone may be defective:

Ubuntu Input Tab Dialogue

When you are satisfied that this is working correctly, click the “Close” button, then go back to Skype and call the “Skype Test Call”facility again to confirm the problem is now fixed.

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