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Testing a Webcam under Linux using the Cheese webcam booth

Testing a Webcam under Linux

There is a simple utility called Cheese that you can use test your webcam video setup. This is installed as standard on Fedora systems:

Cheese Webcam Booth in Fedora

On other distros, such as Ubuntu, you should be able to find it in your Software Centre, otherwise use a search engine in your browser to look for “linux cheese webcam booth”:

Cheese Webcam Booth in the Software Centre

Once installed, plug in your webcam (-it's normally via a USB cable - see the USB definition if you are unsure what this looks like) then invoke Cheese from:

Applications → Sound & Video → Cheese Webcam Booth

Run Cheese Webcam Booth

If your webcam is working, you should see a picture displayed:

Cheese Webcam Window

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