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Removing Video Scenes using Kino

Cutting Video out of Kino

If you wish to remove a section of video footage, you first need to split out the offending section into a separate scene in the "storyboard" window. First, navigate to the start of the section that you wish to cut, using the slider bar, the mouse wheel or the frame forward/back buttons (-shown below) near the bottom of the window:

Kino frame forward button

Once you locate the start of the section that you want to remove, click on the "Split Scene" icon:

Kino Split Scene icon

Kino will split the video into two scenes in the storyboard:

Scene split in Kino

Next, repeat the process above and navigate to the very end of the section you wish to delete and click on the "Split Scene" icon again. This will split the video again, giving you three scenes in the storyboard - the start, the section to delete and the end.

Select the scene to delete in the storyboard (-below, it's the middle one) and click on the scissor icon to cut the selected scene:

Scene selected for cutting in Kino

The unwanted scene will then be removed from the storyboard:

Selected scene cut from Kino

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