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Editing Video using Kino

Exporting a file from Kino

Once you are happy with your video footage, you will want to export it in a form where you can play it on the target device. To do this, click on the "Export" tab on the right and choose the tab of desired format (MPEG is normally a good choice). Enter a name for your video, set any options you require, then click on the "Export" button:

Kino Export Tab

The export will begin and a progress bar will be shown:

Kino Export Progress

Note: exports of large videos (-e.g. those over a few minutes) can take a long time to complete, so be prepared for this!

Once completed, check in your file manager for the exported file:

Exported MPEG file from Kino

Simply double-click this file to view it in your default media player!

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