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Setting Scene Transition using Kino

Setting Scene Transition in Kino

Having removed a section of video (-or if you are splicing together two sections of video show separately), in order to avoid a jarring progression from one scene to another, Kino allows you to set an effect to blend one scene into the next (-like you can with slide transition in a presentation) by selecting the earlier scene and clicking on the "FX" tab:

Kino Conversion Progress

Here, you can set the video and audio transition type (-separately). You then need to check the "Limit to" box, then set how many seconds of the end of the scene that you want to limit the effect to (-you can apply the effect to all of the scene if you require).

Once you have configured the desired effect, click the "Render" button to apply it.

Note: that these effects are global in that any effect applies to all video transitions: unlike KDEnlive, you cannot apply a different effect to different scenes. You can get around this by editing each scene transition in a different project, then combing them, but this is rather long-winded

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