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Installing a Web Browser

Which Web Browser?

There are many different Web Browsers available - most being free. Like the various Linux Distros, each web browser team has a different ethos and aims. Here are some of the common themes amongst available web browsers:

  • Some browsers are designed to use minimal resources: these are great for low-powered or older hardware. Examples include: Midori and NetSurf
  • Some browsers are designed for speed: these are great for users who spend a lot of time on the web or those with slower connections. Examples include: Chromium
  • Some browsers are designed for ease of use: these are great for web newbies. Examples include: Firefox and Epiphany
  • Some browsers are designed for cross-platform use. Examples include: Dooble

Which one(s) you use is mainly a matter of personal choice -and there is no reason to limit yourself to a single browser (-except maybe disc space)!

Installing a Web Browser

If you are running Ubuntu, then there are many browsers available directly from the Software Centre. The best way to see these is to type in the string "web browser" into the Software Centre search box:

A Web Browser listing in the Linux Software Centre

There is also an example of installing Google Chromium from Ubuntu here.

Note: if you are running another Linux distribution, then be sure to check your own package distribution centre first, before downloading a package from the web.

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