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Customising Gnome 2.x Menus

Customising Menus in Ubuntu 10.x

Once you have installed a modest amount of software, you may find your menus become large and unwieldy. In Ubuntu 10.x, you can hide or show the menu options you desire, using the option:

System → Preferences → Main Menu:

Main Menu Option

This will display a dialogue box allowing you to configure which menu options are displayed:

Customising the Menu Options

To hide a menu entry, simply uncheck (-untick) the Show column entry next to that item; to display it again, simply re-check the box in the Show column.

You can change the order a menu option appears in by selecting that option, then using the Move Up and Move Down buttons until the desired position is reached. You can also add separators, new items - or delete items permanently. Indeed, you can even add entire new menus - for example, to list your favourite applications under.

When you have finished making changes to the menu system, simply click the "Close" key to apply the changes -or the "Revert" key to discard them- and the dialogue box will close.

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