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How to Install New KDE Widgets

Third Party KDE Widgets

Sometimes, the stock Widgets supplied with your Linux Distro do not contain what you want - but fear not! KDE allows you to download new third-party Widgets from the internet (-or create them yourself).

The screenshots for this article were taken from the KDE Plasma Desktop of Kubuntu 12.04 - but all KDE Distros should look the same.

Downloading a New Widget to the KDE Desktop

If, when adding a KDE Widget, you cannot find what you want from the scrollable Widget Centre list, you can install third-party Widgets by clicking on the "Get New Widgets" button:

KDE Unlock Widgets

You will then see two options displayed:

KDE Unlock Widgets Options

  • Download New Plasma Widgets: this is the easiest option, allowing you to browse the official online repository of KDE Widgets

  • Install Widget from Local File: this option allows you to install a Widget that you previously download from the Web (-e.g. from Google Gadgets)

For this example, we will click on the former; this will display a dialogue box containing a scrollable list of third-party Widgets for download:

Add Widgets Icon

Once you locate a suitable Widget, just click on the "Install" button (-the button should then change to an "Uninstall" one):

Add Widgets Panel

To add the new Widget to the Desktop, go back to the scrollable Widget Centre list and click and drag it to the required position before releasing the mouse button:

Dragging a Widget to the Desktop

You should then see the new Widget on the Desktop:

New Widget on the Desktop

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