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Installing SimplyMEPIS and AntiX Linux O/S

The MEPIS Installer

This section takes you step by step through the installation of SimplyMEPIS or AntiX. The images were taken from release 11 (which was the latest release at time of production). MEPIS 11 is based on a combination Debian and Ubuntu source, so the installation process for the former mirrors that of the latter.

Note: the installation of AntiX is identical to that of it's SimplyMEPIS stablemate, so this section applies to both versions

To start SimplyMEPIS, you'll need to boot from the boot DVD or USB stick you created in the previous section.

..this gives you a chance to try out SimplyMEPIS to see it you like it enough to want to install it

  1. SimplyMEPIS will be booted into the Live CD mode by default: this gives you a chance to try out the operating system to see it you like it enough to want to install it. Login as the user demo (-password is "demo" by default) and you will be presented with the desktop GUI.

  2. Once you are convinced that MEPIS is for you, begin the installation by double-clicking the "MEPIS Install" icon on the left hand side of the screen:

    Mepis Live User Install Icon

    If you are installing AntiX, you can similarly begin the installation by double-clicking the "Install" icon on the left hand side of the screen:

    AntiX Live User Install Icon

  3. The installer will first ask you for the root password - this will be the string "root" by default - which is required to begin the installation:

    Mepis Install Root Pw

  4. Next, you need to agree to the terms of the licence: check the "I agree to the Terms" box and click the "Next" button:

    Mepis Install T&Cs

  5. The next dialogue specifies how you want to install the O/S. For users new to Linux on a brand new PC, the easiest option is to check the "Auto install using entire disk". For all other cases, we recommend optimising your installation by altering the existing partitions using the "Run partition tool" button (-in the same way as we detail in the Ubuntu install section) then selecting the "Custom install on existing partitions" button. When you are ready, click the "Next" button to continue:

    Mepis Install - Choose Discs

  6. Choose how you want your partitions set up, then click on the "Next" button:

    Mepis Install - Choose Partitions

  7. At this point, you will be prompted that continuing with the install will erase any data on the chosen device. If you are happy with this, then click the "Yes" button:

    Mepis Install - Confirm Installation

    Note: if you want to abort the installation, you must do so now - as once you confirm, data will be written to the disc(s), overwriting any previous contents

  8. The installation will begin. This can take about 10 - 20 minutes to complete:

    Mepis Install in Progress

  9. Once installed, you will be prompted to install the GRUB bootloader - click on "Next" to confirm this:

    Mepis Install - GRUB Install

  10. You will then be asked to confirm the GRUB installation:

    Mepis Install - confirm GRUB Install

  11. Once GRUB has been installed, you will receive a confirmation message:

    Mepis Install - GRUB Installed

  12. You will then be prompted to configure the system - beginning with your keyboard layout, desired language and timezone settings:

    Mepis Install - Localisation

  13. Next, you will need to set up the username/password you wish to use - and to reset the root password from the default:

    Mepis Install - Create User/Password

  14. Following this, the installation will complete. You are then prompted to reboot the system - choose "Yes":

    Mepis Install - Ready to Reboot

  15. The system will then shutdown:

    Mepis Install - Rebooting

    Note: if you are installing AntiX, the screen will text-based rather than graphical

  16. After the reboot, the GRUB menu will display - hit the "ENTER" key to continue:

    Mepis Install - GRUB Menu

    Note: if you are installing AntiX, the screen will look similar to the above, but the boot options will state AntiX and not MEPIS

  17. You should then find yourself at the login menu. Log in using the username/password you specified during the last stage of the installation

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