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Undeleting Files Using the Gnome Desktop GUI

Undeleting Files using the Gnome Desktop GUI

We've all done it: hit the delete key on a file and then realised that was the wrong file! Using Gnome, you can normally recover files that you deleted from the File Manager.

Note: there is no way of recovering files deleted directly from the command line

Opening the Rubbish Bin in Ubuntu

You can open up the Rubbish Bin by clicking on it's icon, which normally resides in the bottom right corner of the screen

In Ubuntu 10.x and below, you can open up the Rubbish Bin (-I personally like the way Ubuntu uses the British terms for these things) by clicking on it's icon, which normally resides in the bottom right corner of the screen:

Rubbish Bin Icon

Alternatively, you can access it from the Places menu.

Unity users can access the bin by clicking on it's icon at the foot of the Unity Launcher:

Unity Bin Icon

Opening the Trash in Fedora

In Fedora 15, you can open up the "Trash" by clicking on the File Manager icon:

Filing Cabinet Icon

In the left hand pane, click on "Trash" (-listed under the "Computer" heading) to display a similar window to that of Ubuntu:

Gnome 3 File Manager

Using the Rubbish Bin / Trash Can

A window will open, showing you all the files you deleted since you last cleared your rubbish bin:

Rubbish Bin Files

To restore a file, simply select it (left-click) and then click on the “Restore Selected Items” button in the Rubbish Bin's banner and the file will be restored.

If you are sure that you won't need the files in the Rubbish Bin any more, you can click the “Empty Rubbish Bin” (-or "Empty Trash" in Fedora) button:

Empty Rubbish Bin Button

You will be prompted to confirm that you really want to delete the files (-as there is no going back once they've gone from the bin):

Confirm Rubbish Bin Deletion

Click the “Empty Rubbish Bin” button to permanently delete the files (-and free up some disc space) or “Cancel” to keep them.

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