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Using Workspaces under Unity

Switching Workspaces under Unity

Using Workspaces in Unity is a little different from under Gnome. The functionality is exactly the same, but the mechanism of accessing them is a little different.

Under Unity, you switch workspaces by accessing the "Workspace Switcher" icon from the Unity Launcher:

Unity Workspace Switcher Icon

This will display a grid containing thumbnails of the four available workspaces:

Unity Workspace Thumbnail Grid

Double-clicking on one of the grid boxes will switch to that workspace:

Unity Workspace Thumbnail Grid

Note: you can also left-click on a workspace thumbnail, then left-click back on the "Workspace Switcher" icon in the Launcher to jump to that workspace

Moving Windows between Workspaces in Unity

If you wish to move a window or application from one workspace to another, you can do so (-like you can under Gnome), by right-clicking the window's title bar and choosing one of the various workspace options:

Workspace Options after Right-clicking a window title bar

Note: if the window is maximized, you will first need to minimize it and then right click to move to another workspace

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