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Recommend Me a Linux Distro!

Introduction to the Distro Tool

This page hosts a simple tool that allows you to specify your priorities and requirements for your ideal Linux Distro. The tool will then display the top <x> Distros matching this criteria. Note that the values assigned to each Distro are based purely on our own experience of using that O/S and are therefore subjective: others may have a different opinion!

We envisage this tool being used to point you in the direction of a small number of Distros, that you can then research using our more detailed articles before you decide which one(s) to take for a test drive!

Specify your Criteria

Select the criteria below for your ideal Linux Distro and click the "Start Search" button to list your options!

Importance (High - Low)
User Friendliness:
Hardware Required:
Software Available:
User Base:
Standard Software:
Windows Compatibility:
Show the Top Matches

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