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Tweaking the Fedora Desktop

Adding maximise and Minimise Controls to Windows

By default, windows on the Fedora Gnome desktop only display a close (X) icon in their right-hand side. You can, however, get your windows to display minimise and maximise icons to the left of this, by opening up a command line window and typing in:

$ dconf write /org/gnome/shell/overrides/button-layout '":minimise,maximise,close"'

Restoring Windows to their former Size following maximisation

An odd problem can strike Fedora 18 users after a window is maximised: the title ribbon of the window is docked to the top of the screen, so you can no longer right-click it to get the window sizing options. The only way to resize the window, seems to be by pressing:

Super Key + Down Arrow

This key combination, un-maximises the currently maximised window. There are also other key combinations using the Super (-aka Windows) key, such as:

Key CombinationAction
Super + Up Arrowmaximise the current window
Super + Left ArrowDisplay the current window in the left half of the screen
Super + Right ArrowDisplay the current window in the right half of the screen

Desktop Customisation

Some basic desktop customisation is possible by running the gnome-tweak-tool. Simply open up a command line window and type:

$ gnome-tweak-tool

A window will open up, with multiple desktop areas listed down the left-hand side: click on the desired area to see the options that are tweakable via the tool.

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