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Index of Hints and Tips

Index of topics in our Linux Hints and Tips section

This section lists all the topics covered in our Linux Quick Links, plus any subsections within them.

ADSL RoutersDefining ADSL Routers / Internet Hubs
 What is a Router?
Adobe Flash ProblemsProblems playing videos with Adobe Flash Player
 Flash Player is installed but will not run (Ubuntu)
 Flash Player will not run (Fedora)
Changing the Grub Default OptionHow to change the default boot option in Grub
 How to Change your Default O/S
Changing the HostnameHow to change the name of your Linux host
 What is the Hostname and why would I want to change it?
 How to Change the Hostname Temporarily
 How to Change the Hostname Permanently
Creating Users and GroupsHow to create users and groups
 Creating New Linux Groups
 Creating New Linux Users
Dual BootingDual Booting Problems with Windows XP and Linux
 Problems Dual Booting Linux with Windows XP
Ethernet Ports & ConnectorsIdentifying Ethernet ports and cables
 What is Ethernet?
 Identifying an Ethernet Cable
 Identifying an Ethernet Port
Evolution Email IssuesIssues with the Evolution email client
 Setting up a Default Signature using Evolution
File System will not MountWhat to do if a File System will not mount
 File System Mounting Problems
Finding your IP & Mac AddressHow to find your IP and Mac address on Linux and Windows PCs
 Finding the IP and Mac Address on a Linux PC
 Finding the IP and Mac Address on a Windows PC
GIMP IssuesIssues with the GNU Image Manipulation Program
 Cutting and Pasting in GIMP
 GIMP not Painting in Foreground Colour
 Custom GIMP Themes
Hints and Tips HomeWelcome to the Hints and Tips Section
IDE CablesIdentifying IDE Cables
 What is IDE?
 Identifying IDE Cables
 Identifying IDE Ports on the Motherboard
Identifying USB PortsIdentifying USB ports and USB memory sticks
 Identifying a USB Port on your Computer
 USB Memory Sticks
 Identifying a USB Cable
Index of SectionsShows a clickable list of all the available Hints and Tips
 Index of topics in our Linux Hints and Tips section
KDEnLive Tips & ProblemsProblems and Tips for using the KDEnlive Video Editor
 Saving Changes in KDEnlive
 Ubuntu 11.10 in KDEnlive
 KDEnlive and .ogv Files
 Video Tracks Render too Quickly in KDEnlive
 Project Monitor updates in KDEnlive
 Adding Slides or Stills in KDEnlive
 One or More Video Tracks fail to Render in KDEnlive
 Freezing the Action in KDEnlive
 Moving Small Clips in KDEnlive
 Crashes in KDEnlive
 Keyframe Monitoring in KDEnlive
 Frame Alignment in KDEnlive
Kernel Panic - not syncing VFSHow to deal with the error: Kernel Panic - not syncing VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown block
 Kernel Panic Error - not syncing VFS
MP3 ProblemsProblems playing MP3 files on Linux
 MP3 Files will not play in the Browser
 MP3 Files will not play on Fedora
Memory DIMMsIdentifying RAM memory DIMMs
 Identifying a DIMM
 What is a DIMM?
Missing GhostScript LibraryUbuntu Update Manager complains about Missing GhostScript Library
 Ubuntu Update Manager complains about Missing GhostScript Library
Mounting a New File SystemHow to mount a new File System
 How to Mount a New File System
Network Interface ConfigurationHow to set up or change your network configuration
 Setting up Networking from the Command Line
Running Scripts at StartupHow to run script and commands at system startup
 Running Scripts on Linux Startup
SATA CablesIdentifying SATA Cables
 What is SATA?
 Identifying SATA Cables
 Identifying SATA Ports
Software Centre IssuesIssues with the Fedora Add / Remove Software Centre
 "Unfinished Transactions Remaining" Message
 Enabling / Disabling Repositories in Fedora
The BIOSDefining BIOS
 What is the BIOS?
 Types of BIOS
 The Hardware Configuration Database
Tweaking the Fedora DesktopIssues with and customization of the Fedora Gnome Desktop
 Adding maximise and Minimise Controls to Windows
 Restoring Windows to their former Size following maximisation
 Desktop Customisation
Ubuntu One IssuesIssues with the Ubuntu One storage and sharing facility
 Folder will not Synchronize in Ubuntu One
 Using the Ubuntu One Command Line Utility
Unmounting a File SystemHow to unmount a Linux File System
 How to Permanently Unmount a Linux Filesystem
 How to Temporarily Unmount a Linux Filesystem
Using Symbolic LinksUsing Symbolic Links to Ease Disc Space Problems
 What are Symbolic Links?
 Creating Symbolic Links
 Strategies to Deal with Lack of Disc Space
 Using Symbolic Links to Place Files on a Different Device

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