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MP3 Plugin Problems

MP3 Files will not play on Fedora

If you have problems playing local MP3 files (-e.g. via Rhythmbox or Banshee) after first installing Fedora, you need to ensure that the "gstreamer ugly" library is installed. If not, install it using the following command:

sudo yum install gstreamer-plugins-ugly

This library is needed to deal with formats that are not open source, like MP3.

MP3 Files will not play in the Browser

If you find that MP3 files will not play within your internet browser, then you need to install the Fluendo MP3 Plugin.

For Ubuntu users, this can be installed directly from the software centre and can be found under the "Canonical Partners" section.

For Fedora, you'll need to register for and download the (free) plugin from the Fluendo website, download it to your PC, then run the file (-which should open with the Linux installer program) to install it.

You may need to restart your browser to pick up the new plugin before MP3 files will play in your browser.

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