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Ubuntu One Problems and the u1sdtool Tool

Folder will not Synchronize in Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One will only allow you to backup files within your /home/<user> filesystem

If you find that you cannot get the Ubuntu One banner to appear in a folder or that the Ubuntu One menu is greyed out:

Ubuntu One Banner Greyed Out

..then check if you are trying to synchronize a folder outside of your /home<user> filesystem.

Ubuntu One will only allow you to backup files within your /home<user> filesystem and the only way around this seems to be to create a small cron job to periodically copy your files under a /home<user> folder which is being synchronised.

Using the Ubuntu One Command Line Utility

Ubuntu One provide a command line utility called u1sdtool which can perform everything you can do from the GUI.

Note: that it is a one and not a lower case "L" in u1sdtool!

For example, one of the things you can can do is to list all the directories being backed up, using the list-folders option:

$ u1sdtool --list-folders
Folder list:
  id=3af51c09-b2fa-5a12-b1d5-fe116a4f72cb    subscribed=True path=/home/fredb/Documents
  id=09a2ca1f-25a3-5d2a-1ce4-8a4d321eb60c subscribed=True path=/home/fredb/.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One

You can also add new folders to be synchronized with the create-folder option. Taking the case above, the tool tells us explicitly why it won't accept the directory:

>$ u1sdtool --create-folder /var/www
FolderCreateError: INVALID_PATH: path isn't inside user home: '/var/www' (path=/var/www)

So, the tool often helps highlight any problems when the GUI is normally silent. As this is a quick link topic, we are not going to go into each of the u1sdtool options here. To get a list of the available options, simply type:

$ u1sdtool --help

Here is some example output:

Usage: u1sdtool [option]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -w, --wait            Wait until ubuntuone-syncdaemon reaches nirvana
                        Accept the share with the specified id
                        Reject the share with the specified id
  --list-shares         Get the list of shares
  --refresh-shares      Request a refresh of the list of shares to the server
                        Share PATH to USER.
  --list-shared         List the shared path's/shares offered.
  --create-folder=PATH  Create user defined folder in the specified path
                        Delete user defined folder in the specified path
  --list-folders        List all the user defined folders
                        Subscribe to the folder specified by id
                        Unsubscribe from the folder specified by id
  --refresh-volumes     Request a refresh of the list of volumes to the server
                        Request a rescan from scratch for a volume.
  --publish-file=PATH   Publish file publicly.
                        Stop publishing file publicly.
  --info=PATH           Request the metadata of PATH
  --list-dirty-nodes    Show the list of nodes marked as 'dirty'
  --current-transfers    show the current uploads and downloads
  -q, --quit            Shutdown the syncdaemon
  -c, --connect         Connect the syncdaemon
  -d, --disconnect      Disconnect the syncdaemon
  -s, --status          Get the current status of syncdaemon
  --waiting-content     Get the waiting content list
  --waiting-metadata    Get the waiting metadata list
  --schedule-next=SHARE_ID NODE_ID
                        Move the node to be the next in the queue of waiting
  --start               Start syncdaemon if it's not running

For even more detail on what each option does, see the Ubuntu One man page

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