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About Us

Who we are

The Linuceum is a not-for-profit site, created with a genuine aim of showing users how good Linux is as an alternative to the commercial O/S offerings in the home environment. We are not funded by any commercial operation and so are unbiased in this respect. It was founded by an Information Technology professional of 20+ years standing, who has used Linux, Unix, Windows and several proprietary Operating Systems.

Why we created this Website

When our founder built his first PC, it was difficult to find out what Linux was capable of on a standalone PC - and whether it really was a serious alternative to Windows. This site is the result of the months of research undertaken, it is hoped that it will encourage more people to realise that there is a very good alternative to the Microsoft monopoly.

Our Ethos

This aim of this website is to promote the use of Linux as a desktop alternative to MacOS and Windows by showing you how to use Linux to do all the things that a home user would want a home computer for. To this end, we provide six main sections:

  • Our Guide to the Various Linux Distros : this is for users looking for the Linux distribution that best suits them

  • Our Guide to Using Linux on the Desktop : this is for users with standalone PCs that are considering using Linux for the first time

  • Our Guide to Creating a Linux Server : this is for users who have mastered the desktop skills and wish to optimise their home environment by creating a Linux server

  • Our Hints and Tips Section : here we share our experiences in short articles on how to deal will various problems and common tasks that you may encounter using Linux

  • Our Hardware Corner : here we share our experiences in building, upgrading and troubleshooting computers; this is not Linux specific and will be useful whichever O/S you choose

  • Our Video Section : here we post all of our video tutorials and Linux promotional shorts

Why we are Different

Traditionally, Linux has been an operating system for geeks and computer professionals. There is already an awful lot of information on Linux out there on the Web, but it is all aimed at people who are familiar with computers and who revel in the complexity and the flexibility of Linux. As a result, it is all too often incomprehensible to anyone coming, for example, from a Windows background.

This site is different: we are aiming our content at the first time or average computer user - someone who uses their computer to accomplish various tasks in their home setting, rather that those with a technical background who relish the challenge of delving into system calls. We try to show, in step by step fashion - using multiple screenshots where possible - how to accomplish all the tasks a normal user will require of a PC.

We assume little or no computer experience and zero Linux experience - and that's where we stand out from the crowd!

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