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Welcome to the Linuceum!

Welcome to the Linuceum! This website aims to promote the use of Linux in the home environment - so sit back and enjoy a mug of frothy cappuccino, as you have found the information you have been searching for!

  • Wondering whether to give Linux a try or a first time user?
    Check out our Guide to Using Linux on the Desktop. This aims to introduce the various Linux versions - and how to install and use them

  • Looking for Linux Software?
    Check out our Guide to Linux Applications. This aims to show people, via step by step screenshots, how to install and use the best Linux applications

  • Setting up a home network or server?
    Check out our Guide to Configuring a Linux Home Server. This aims to show people how to set up a Linux PC to act as a server in the home environment

  • Trying to figure out a problem with Linux?
    Check out our Hints and Tips Section. Here, we post solutions to problems we have encountered and useful tips for all things Linux!

  • Trying to build a new PC or having hardware problems?
    Check out our new Hardware Corner. Here, we explain the main PC components and how to troubleshoot them

  • Can't find what you're looking for?
    Check out our Site Map or use the keyword Search button in our menu bar!

However you use the site, we hope that you will realise why we believe that Linux is the best PC Operating System not only for personal use, but for all of today's computers!


As you may have noticed, we have enlarged our fonts and changed our navigation colour scheme to aid those visually impaired or viewing our site on smaller screened mobiles devices!

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